Mother Goose Math

Improves math skills and problem solving

Bring talking about math to life and develop math skills, academic vocabulary and problem solving skills with Mother Goose Math.

Mother Goose Math
Rhymes and pictures bring talking about math to life. With Mother Goose Math students discuss how they can see mathematical concepts in a picture that correlates to a known nursery rhyme.
The teacher then leads students through a series of math questions that range from Basic (K-1) and Intermediate (2-3) up to Challenging (4-6+).
All of this is combined with fluency work, math vocabulary development through oral talk and then students applying their thinking by creating their own math stories about the rhyme.
  1. 15 Rhymes
  2. Coloring Pages
  3. Fluency Work
  4. Scaffolded Math Out Loud Questions
  5. Worksheet for Writing Math Stories

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